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Where and How to Find Part-Time Jobs to Survive in the US?


Part times are crucial for Indian students once they plan their studies abroad. A part-time job not just helps in reducing the financial burden but can also offer work experience while improving social interaction. There are part-time jobs like assignment help online, which students can offer to other students who are junior to them. Also, other job opportunities are mentioned which can give students a good work experience while introducing them to the culture and lifestyle of the place where they are studying. As per the guidelines set by an American student’s visa, a student is allowed to work for 20 hours every week at the campus only when classes are in session. If they choose to work during their vacation, they can do up to 40 hours weekly.

Finding the right job on campus is not tough. But other than those jobs, there are some better on-campus jobs that students can consider taking up to earn extra income, such as:

Library Monitor:

In this job, students are responsible for maintaining the decorum and ensuring the quiet atmosphere is maintained in the college library. Their primary job is to supervise the study area. This way, the student would not just get time to earn income but also focus on their studies and prepare for the upcoming exams.

Teaching Assistant:

If you like a teacher’s career and want to make some cash out of it, then applying for academic posts can be beneficial. There are two profiles to which students can apply. One would be the teaching fellows to which students who are graduated can apply to it. Then comes the teaching assistant, to which the graduated students can apply too, but there are limited formal roles like collecting assignments, handing them out to the teachers, etc. There is no such formal opening for the post, so you should rely on a good network if any such openings from professors come up.

Tour Guide:

Campus tours are quite popular activities that are often given to applicants, students, and their parents. Generally, universities and their campuses are huge in infrastructure and overall environment. It also holds historical importance, and there are guided and paid tour jobs for which students can apply. This job is available for the students from their second, third, and even fourth year. You will be reporting to the Admissions Department College directly. This job, however, needs you to be quite outgoing and friendly and should take up personal tours and group tours and be flexible enough to talk with the potential students who show interest in such a college.

Peer Tutor:

This is an interesting job for the students since it has a lot of scopes. There is an educational resource center where many students opt for formal tutoring. Colleges, where a lot of importance is given to the athletic programs, can prefer hiring such tutors so they can work with the athletes and even earn extra income.

Production Assistant:

This is another important job role where students can apply to be a part of extra-curricular activities such as concerts, dances, plays, and comedy shows. However, all such events need a lot of backstages and even technical work to be handled well. Students interested in cultural performances should try it, especially when money is involved, while you can watch the performances without paying any single penny when you are at work.

How to Apply For the Jobs?

Now the question is how to apply for the jobs without hassle. And to be precise, the process is simple too. Searching for jobs is not difficult, but students must plan the working hours they can dedicate. For a better understanding of the business, students can find a job through online job portals and forums of the universities where part-time campus and internship details are always informed.


The above guidelines can help you find the right job opportunity. But make sure your dedication and focus on studying are not compromised. Study hard and get to your career track while earning extra income hassle-free.

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