EducationWhat are the most useful online tools for the...

What are the most useful online tools for the teacher community? 



The way educators teach has recently been revolutionised by virtual learning resources. These resources make it easier to create lesson plans and encourage social engagement and communication between your students.

Distance learning technology is advancing swiftly, making it possible for educators like you to provide high-quality online training. Some tools make it easier to stay in touch with your students, provide engaging classes, and create secure campuses. 

What are virtual learning tools?

Teachers can use a variety of practical software packages and online learning environments as virtual learning tools.  With tools like Duolingo, school LMS and learning platforms like Teachmint, Zoom or Google Meet, learning can be effective and entertaining.

Types of distance learning tools

Four main categories of online learning systems exist:

Communication tools

Teachers have access to a variety of resources, including email, message boards, chat rooms, classroom websites, and video conferencing. Most of these functionalities are available on many learning platforms, including Zoom and Google Classroom. 

Learning management systems (LMS)

LMS are computer software applications made to create practical and engaging online courses. Create, oversee, and distribute course materials while monitoring student progress. LMS is a reliable and affordable tool to instruct pupils regardless of class size. 

Digital learning games 

Why not provide children who enjoy playing games with educational ones to encourage their passion for learning? Kids can enjoy learning with National Geographic Kids’ engaging science, geography, and adventure quizzes and games.

Online learning resources 

Teachers started using numerous internet tools when the epidemic made it necessary for pupils to stay at home to stay involved and attentive. Online courses and exercises are among these resources. 

Top 3 distant learning resources to quicken online learning 

Many excellent interactive tools are available online, and many of them work well with other programmes. But which materials should you choose for your classroom? 

1. Teachmint

Teachmint, an all-in-one application for teaching and learning, allows for flexible learning anywhere in the world. Teachers save time when making lesson plans, monitoring student progress, and employing various innovative technologies to liven up the course material.

2. Flipgrid

An excellent method to start a conversation is with Flipgrid. It’s a fantastic method to pique students’ curiosity about new concepts, get them eager to study, and promote peer interaction!

3. Zoom

While students were taking classes online during the outbreak, Zoom became well-known for its flexibility as a webinar platform and presentation tool. Because of its security features, live video class capabilities, and chat feature for social engagement, Zoom is a helpful tool for distant learning. 


Although online learning enhances student learning, most children still prefer the social interactions and open lines of communication provided by the traditional school setting. It is simpler for teachers to solve many issues related to virtual learning because of a multitude of learning resources. Every tool has advantages and fixes for problems that teachers and students encounter, so you can be confident that education is efficient wherever you are! 

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