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The pros and cons of doing an MBA course in 2022


Doing an MBA course in 2022 comes with a lot of great prospects. It’s easily the most sought-after postgraduate course, especially when it comes to employment after graduation. With an MBA course, you can straight away go and find a job after completing the course. 

Because of the unmatched prospects of an MBA course, many people today are after it. Several colleges in India – big or small – are offering MBA degrees to students. In other words, it is easy to do an MBA in India, but getting into a top college can be a difficult job for many.

The most critical question that aspirants face is how to know if a course is good or not. Since there are so many courses available, how do we know if a college offers the right value in an MBA course? 

Well, there’s no straightforward answer to this question.

Qualities of a good MBA course

  • Return on Investment (ROI)

The first thing you should calculate while deciding whether an MBA course is right for you is the Return on Investment. It’s quite simple – just compare the cost of the course and the potential placement salary afterward. 

The less time you need to earn back the investment you have made in the MBA course, the better is the ROI. Top colleges fine-tune their MBA courses accordingly and you can earn back the money after graduating from there in six to twelve months.

  • Industry exposure

Industry exposure is a critical element in every successful MBA degree. Without a holistic industry exposure process, it is hard to settle down quickly at a job. When a college doesn’t ensure industry exposure, you have to spend months on probation before getting a full-time opportunity.

Industry exposure comes in the form of internships, part-time jobs, and workshops. All of these are extremely important if you want to secure a good job during placements. Besides, when you do an internship or part-time job, you get financial compensation as well. 

  • Global exposure

Integrating global exposure within the curriculum is of great importance to top MBA courses. Most business operations today are multi-national in orientation. Top Indian companies have their bases abroad, whereas foreign companies are investing heavily in India. 

In this business environment, when you have global exposure, you become eligible for top positions in big-shot MNCs. Global exposure can come in the form of short-term exposure programs or two-three semesters long study abroad programs. Both are equally good. 

Top MBA courses to pursue in 2022

  • MBA in Forest Management

MBA in Forest Management is an interesting course that is offered by the Indian Institute of Forest Management in Bhopal. It is an emerging field that is highly niche at the moment. Finding employment after this MBA course is relatively easy as there is very little competition overall. 

  • MBA in Banking and Finance

An MBA in Banking and Finance has all the elements of a normal MBA course in Finance. The only difference is that there is a specialized focus on the Banking industry. When you do an MBA in Banking and Finance, you become eligible for various associate-level roles at different private and public banks.

  • MBA in Marketing

Unlike an MBA in Banking and Finance, MBA in Marketing is an old and traditional course. After doing the course, you can explore a plethora of opportunities in various sectors. Few other MBA courses allow you to explore as many opportunities as an MBA in Marketing. It is easily one of the best MBA courses even today.

H2- Conclusion

To sum it up, an MBA course is still your best bet if you want to explore job opportunities in the corporate sector. It will inculcate important managerial skills in your portfolio making you highly suited for their needs. Just make sure you get all the benefits of top colleges so that you’re well ahead of most average MBA graduates in India. 

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