TravelThe Exquisite Marbella Journey: Exploring Grupo Trocadero's Distinguished Restaurants

The Exquisite Marbella Journey: Exploring Grupo Trocadero’s Distinguished Restaurants


Marbella, famous for its lively environment, immaculate beaches, and premium restaurants, is a preferred destination among tourists and locals alike.

A standout name in Marbella’s bustling culinary scene is Grupo Trocadero. It comprises a series of graceful eateries, each boasting exotic African colonial-style designs, offering a unique dining experience embodying the soul of Spain. appreciates the Trocadero restaurants, suitable for groups, couples, or families.

This article will guide you through a gastronomic tour of their eight impressive restaurants: Trocadero Arena, Trocadero Playa, Trocadero Petit Playa, Trocadero Sotogrande, Trocadero Tarifa, Trocadero Benalmádena, Trocadero Estepona, and Trocadero Zanzibar.

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Trocadero Benalmádena: The Culinary Gem

Situated at the heart of Benalmádena, this Trocadero establishment opened in July 2019, emanating a serene ambiance with an Africa-inspired stylish decor facing the sea. Interestingly, this Trocadero has a rooftop bar with stunning sea views.

Their menu bears testament to the Mediterranean culinary tradition, supplemented with a creative touch. Each dish is a delightful blend of flavors and textures that will leave the diner desiring more. Trocadero Benalmádena is a favorite spot when picking friends from the airport.

Trocadero Arena: The Exotic Sanctuary

Trocadero Arena, nestled on Playa el Piniloo beach, creates an image of exotic paradise. The restaurant is a heavenly sanctuary, famous in Marbella and considered number one by many.

The menu presents a harmonious blend of Mediterranean and Asian cuisines. Here, diners can indulge in the freshest seafood dishes or sample their exquisite sushi while enjoying the sea breeze. Trocadero Arena offers beach beds, a terrace with a stunning sunset, indoor and outdoor restaurant and lounge areas. This venue is also perfect for watching a football game with friends or having lunch or dinner during winter.

Trocadero Playa: The Quintessential Beachside Eatery

Trocadero Playa, located on Marbella’s Golden Mile, is a traditional beachfront restaurant, ideal for those seeking a customary seaside dining experience or lounging on the beach chairs.

Their menu honors the region’s rich culinary heritage, offering classic Spanish dishes, locally sourced seafood, and innovative cocktails. Experience the beauty of the Mediterranean at Trocadero Playa as the sun sets while sipping on a glass of Sangria. This restaurant operates all year round.

Trocadero Petit Playa: The Snug Retreat

Trocadero Petit Playa, just a few steps away from Trocadero Playa, provides a cozy retreat for those seeking a more intimate dining experience. Its charming decor, warm lighting, and welcoming atmosphere make it perfect for a romantic dinner.

The menu elegantly blends Spanish and international flavors, complemented by a curated selection of wines. At Petit Playa, the focus is on savoring the moment and the meal. This beach club restaurant is an excellent choice for families as it features a kids club offering various activities like painting and jewelry making.

Trocadero Estepona: The Confluence of Food and Art

Trocadero Estepona offers an elegant beachfront setting, blending the charm of Spanish colonial architecture with lush tropical landscaping, creating a paradise for those seeking relaxation or romance. The cuisine here is a delightful journey into Mediterranean flavors, showcasing fresh seafood and local produce.

Evenings at Trocadero Estepona offer an enchanting ambiance as the sunset paints the sky with hues of orange and pink, inviting you to experience the laid-back Marbella lifestyle. With its warm hospitality and unmatched charm, Trocadero Estepona remains a beloved destination in Estepona, featuring a swimming pool, beach beds, and a small outdoor terrace overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

Trocadero Sotogrande: The Stylish Harbor Eatery

Trocadero Sotogrande, located in Sotogrande, epitomizes stylish dining. Its sleek, modern African colonial-style decor, and stunning sea views provide a sophisticated atmosphere that is hard to match.

The cuisine is as remarkable as the setting, offering Mediterranean classics with a contemporary spin. The restaurant also has a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor dining areas, grass beds, and a lounge area.

Trocadero Tarifa: The Surf-Inspired Locale

Trocadero Tarifa, the southernmost outpost of Grupo Trocadero located in Tarifa, offers a feast for all senses. Unlike other Trocadero outlets, this restaurant is in the city center and not on the beach. This surfers’ paradise provides an open, airy atmosphere with breathtaking views.

Here, comfortable lounges offer tranquility and charm, accompanied by the acclaimed Trocadero cuisine and stunning views. This location offers an enchanting panorama of Tarifa city and Africa, thanks to its privileged position at the southernmost tip of the Iberian Peninsula.

Trocadero Zanzibar: The Afro-Mediterranean Blend

Finally, Trocadero Zanzibar is a delightful fusion of African and Mediterranean cultures. This location offers a completely different experience than other locations in Marbella, situated in a tent in the African-inspired style accompanied by live music and drinks, but no food is served at Trocadero Zanzibar!

If one is looking for a unique experience, this is the place to visit in Marbella. Trocadero Zanzibar is located at Trocadero Arena and is currently closed, updates on reopening will be provided on

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