BusinessRoles of an administrative assistant

Roles of an administrative assistant


Sydney is one of the most liveable and beautiful cities to work in. According to a website, Sydney’s employment-to-population ratio remained at 64.4 per cent, and the monthly working hours were around 1.6 million in 2022. A website states that administrative jobs are one of the most needed roles in Sydney and Australia, and to become an administrative assistant; you will require a high school diploma or equivalent and a certificate in office administration and related fields. So, if you’re considering an administrative assistant career, you can look for admin jobs in Sydney. Well, you can begin your career by working at large corporations, smaller businesses or even freelancing independently. But you must be well-informed about the role the admin assistants play in the corporate world. Continue reading this article and gain insights into their role.

  1. Preparing presentations: It is a must for admin assistants to prepare presentations for the company. Apart from making slides for PowerPoint presentations, you must research data and write speeches. Your presentations must be well-prepared, and your ideas must be communicated effectively with investors, clients and stakeholders. As a result, it is your responsibility to secure investments and deals with them. 
  2. Streamlining clerical duties: Business owners can delay or procrastinate their responsibilities because they can be caught up with other tasks. So, they usually leave tasks such as booking accommodations and tickets for travel at the last minute, which can add to business costs. In addition, last-minute meetings can negatively impact the business. Essentially, it is necessary to prepare for the meeting before it begins. Since business owners find managing such tasks challenging, it is the responsibility of the administrative assistant to streamline them. You will have to book accommodations and tickets for travel at the best price. Moreover, you will have to run reports and manage schedules for meetings by ensuring that the owner has sufficient time. 
  3. Keeping the office organised: A disorganised office can bring about unproductive employees and affect your business growth. It is the responsibility and duty of the admin assistants to maintain organisation in the company or office. You will have to handle databases, prepare documents and manage correspondences. You must ensure that the business runs effectively and smoothly. Some businesses hire admin assistants to maintain the digital workspace as well. For instance, they must keep the Trello boards organised and eliminate any business losses and interrupted workflows.
  4. Act as a communication hub: The administrative assistants must help connect employees like switchboard operators. It means that the communication will be centralised with the aid of admin assistants. You will have to follow up with vendors and clients for business purposes. In addition, you will have to relay and take messages from employees and ensure a smooth relationship between all the parties. In case of any grievances, the admin assistant can assist the vendors and employees. What if a client has some queries and wants to know more about a product? You must provide information on the specific product and manage customer queries diligently. Moreover, you must answer calls and respond to emails.
  5. Be a welcoming presence: When vendors or clients visit your office, you must have a welcoming presence. With a warm and friendly smile, you must greet and assist them in connecting with the appropriate person. Additionally, it helps create a good and lasting impression for the business or company.
  6. Taking care of the paperwork: Other duties include filing documents and managing contracts. Also, your business must comply with the laws and regulations of the country or state.

You can find admin jobs in Sydney swiftly. After all, they are in high demand. Also, the admin assistant job is challenging and exciting. For sure, it will provide you with job satisfaction.

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