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Pacman 30th Anniversary: Play The Best Google Easter Egg Game in 2023


What is Pacman 30th Anniversary?

Pacman was a highly trendy and classy game of 1980 and now this nostalgic retro game has been recreated on Pacman 30th Anniversary and this classical game has become viral in these modernized days also. Nowadays, Many Games Allow you to make money online while playing the game.

In this article, we’ll discuss the facts and features of the new version of the game based on the historic Pacman game. 

History of Pacman Game

The original Pacman was discovered in 1980 and had received tremendous fame among every type of generation. It had taken the spot of the most popular arcade classic game of that time. 

The reason behind the popularity of Pacman in the 80s was its straightforward gameplay, simplified design, and less requirement of hardware made it the most attractive gameplay of that era. 

Now, Pacman has gone through almost 100s variations and improvements, and on the 30th anniversary of the game, Pacman 30th Anniversary was created to commemorate the era, magic, and the best game of the century. 

Google Doodle Pacman- PACMAN 30th Anniversary

On the 30th anniversary of the iconic game Pacman. NAMCO Developers created the Google Doodle Pacman game. Which will recreate your 80’s, and 90’s game memory and let you feel in a state of nostalgia. The game aims to chase the maze and consume every dot positioned in the maze. There presents a villain, as there was in the original Pacman game. The four colorful ghosts that continuously chase Pacman, take him to death.

Pacman 30th Anniversary Game’s Gameplay

The game consists of a hero, Pacman, who has to chase the dots and eat them all. He has to be cautious with the 4 color full bodied ghosts, who will always be searching to eat Pacman. 

If Pacman succeeded in eating all the dots without being murdered by the ghosts. Then he would be promoted to the next level. 

The ghosts are of 4 types with 4 different colors-

  1. Red-colored Ghost (Blinky)

Blinky is always behind Pacman and loves to follow him everywhere. But when Packman eats lots of dots, the speed of Blinky covers the speed of Pacman.

  1. Orange-colored Ghost (Clyde)

He situated on the left side of the maze and can strike anytime from there. He considered the most dangerous among the 4 ghosts.

  1. Pink-colored Ghost (Pinky)

Pinky is a female ghost who follows the instructions of Pacman and looks like his game guide but she is not at all like that. She doesn’t support him and tries to take Pacman out of the game by moving closest to the walls.

  1. Light Blue colored Ghost (Inky)

Inky is a wildcard ghost that is a mixture of all other spirits and most dangerous of all. 

Features of Pacman 30th Anniversary

  • Better graphics.
  • Easy learnable design
  • Contain 3 levels of achievement.
  • The game resigned while keeping the classic feel alive to give the nostalgia of 1980s arcade gaming. 


The well-known arcade game of 1980 has redesigned into this modern era to give Pacman lovers a sense of nostalgia in the form of a newly designed Pacman version. The game has almost the same storyline and gameplay, only the design, colors, clothes and some inner functions have altered.

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