HealthNextGen vs Cerner - Best Features and More!

NextGen vs Cerner – Best Features and More!


NextGen vs Cerner

In this piece, we’ll focus on NextGen vs Cerner EHR and all about its features. If you are looking for a feature comparison of NextGen vs. Cerner, then this piece is for you!

NextGen EHR Features

Clinical management

To meet the needs of ambulatory and specialty practices of all sizes, NextGen EMR Healthcare offers a comprehensive, integrated platform of technology and assistance. The enterprise supports national interoperability that enables users to personalize and streamline patient communications, access patient data regardless of where customers are treated, and exchange patient data across different systems. NextGen clinical solutions are designed to simplify provider workflows, integrate them, and reduce administrative burdens so clinicians can focus on patient care and improve the caregiver experience.

The organization helps align financial and clinical solutions, such as end-to-end revenue cycle management, using its financial management (RCM) offerings. The patient’s reactions are utilized to make a story note after these inquiries have been responded to. The doctor can further personalize these notes by adding free text, keyboard shortcuts, or voice dictation.

Reporting and Analytics

Paper charts are not as efficient for your practice as an EMR or EHR. Compared to handwritten notes and paper lab results, the data collected in an EHR is significantly more extensive and accessible. However, you need to be able to collect and analyze data to access this amount of information. You can view real-time data about your practice, patients, and finances with NextGen’s reporting and analytics capabilities. Trend tracking, early problem detection, and workflow management are all possible. You can understand your data even better with TempDev’s optional NextGen reporting options.

You can track your quantitative metrics to see how you performed throughout the year and to address any gaps. You can also reduce your reporting burden by using NextGen HOM to automatically generate quality metrics from your EHR data. With NextGen HR, you can generate and increase your quality score, which will increase your revenue and improve patient care.

Data sharing

With your NextGen EHR, you can instantly and seamlessly share data with partners or across sites. Electronic requests for referrals, sharing lab results with other healthcare professionals, communicating results and treatment plans to patients, and verifying chart completion are all possible. Sharing information between providers is critical to integrating, coordinating, and managing care. By sharing information with them, you can encourage patients to take an active role in their care and self-manage chronic conditions.

Another benefit of this software is the fact that NextGen medical software is connected to a number of other EHR and medical data systems. With this interoperability, you can work with hospitals and other healthcare providers that don’t use NextGen. You can either transmit data to help you manage patient care or receive data from non-NextGen providers to ensure a thorough history. You can try this feature during the Nextgen demo.

NextGen Software Review

  • In order to easily share and exchange information between clients, providers, payers and health registries, the software supports interoperability.
  • Users have quick and easy access to all medical and management health records through NextGen Ambulatory EHR, which functions as a single source application.
  • When clinicians place the cursor over a patient record in the NextGen Ambulatory EHR, cheat sheets conveniently provide a quick summary of the patient’s medical history.
  • Users can work faster and more efficiently by using drag-and-drop fields instead of clicking and wading through lots of information.
  • By enabling the configuration of tabs by specialty, practice, provider, and visit type in the NextGen ambulatory EHR, users can customize the organization of their medical records.

Cerner EHR Features


Interoperability is a key feature that differentiates EHR solutions in connecting healthcare environments to offer efficient and seamless patient care. Doctors have access to the latest updates to medical information with Cerner’s electronic medical records.

With the knowledge you gain from your EHR, you can spend less time researching the latest healthcare research and more time providing the best possible patient care. This will help you make more informed decisions about each patient’s care. You can get help enabling interoperability with a major national network of health facilities from the CommonWell Alliance, which you can connect to Cerner medical software. Users say that even if you didn’t offer care in your office, this powerful feature helps you identify clients among the referrals and tracking documents you need.

Mobile application

Convenience is everything these days, and the main reason people incorporate so many innovations into their lives is to simplify tasks. With the fantastic mobile app included with Cerner EMR software on your mobile devices, you can review patient charts, request orders, evaluate diagnostics and much more. Essentially, the mobile app gives you access and control over every EMR function you could previously perform on-site. The app’s convenience is highlighted in many Cerner EHR reviews.

Patient engagement management

Cerner EMR reviews claim the program provides services that improve patient engagement. As a result, Cerner software offers a patient portal that allows patients to take a more active role in their care. The cloud portal allows patients to securely communicate with their doctors, schedule appointments, view their medical records, request refills, and send important documents or data to their providers. The portal can also be used to distribute informational and educational materials that doctors can use to better inform their patients about their health conditions.

Cerner EHR Review – Pros

  • Cerner reviews claim the program is a market leader and has the support of several well-known customers.
  • It has benefits, and according to Cerner reviews, the price of Cerner EMR is reasonable for the benefits the practice offers.
  • The software provides both internal and cloud servers.
  • NextGen and Cerner EMR software team up to improve e-prescribing based on drug pricing. Doctors thus have access to the latest drug data and affordable drugs.
  • Excellent customer support is another feature of Cerner EHR.

A few last words!

You can learn more about NextGen EHR and Cerner EMR when you schedule a NextGen demo and Cerner EHR demo.  

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