AdventureNeed of Web Intelligence In Business Objects         

Need of Web Intelligence In Business Objects         


SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence seems to be a centralized suite for data reporting, sharing, and visualization. It is the on-premise BI layer for Business Technology Platform by SAP. This is how it gives support to transform data into worthwhile insights that can be availed anytime or anywhere. Web Intelligence Tools have become popular because of their extraordinary features. Web intelligence is the business intelligence reporting tool and this is why it is a vital part of SAP BusinessObjects Product Suite. Using this tool, business users can perform analytical, as well as ad hoc reporting. With the help of Web Intelligence, business users are capable of creating medium, basic, and medium reports from transactional data stored in the database to fulfill business requirements. It also assists business managers in the decision-making procedure to build future strategies.

Numerous SAP and non-SAP data sources can be utilized to develop reports in Web Intelligence. SAP BW or Business Warehouse system does not necessitate a Universe to get connected with a Web Intelligence Tool. Universes are divided into certain types of data, which are stored in a data warehouse. The main thing is that Web Intelligence Tool can also work in the form of a client tool of the BusinessObjects platform and a standalone tool used for reporting purposes.

SAP BO is designed to create reporting and perform analysis. It is for business users and they can use it to create reports and perform a variety of processes like predictive analytics with no need of getting the input of data analysts. This is why SAP BO makes use of Web Intelligence Tools to accomplish such tasks. There are drag-and-drop functions, which are used by BusinessObjects BI, these functions help users to search and assess data from different types of sources. SAP BO works as a front-end BI platform. With this, the data is not stored at the application level but is combined from many back-end sources. While performing research and development in Web Intelligence, you will be going to explore new services, products, and frameworks that can be driven by the web so that you can explore artificial intelligence and information technology.

Applications of SAP BusinessObjects BI 

As mentioned above, SAP BO is packed with many reporting and analysis applications, which all have their own purpose, identity, and function. So, start reading more about these applications:

  • Webi or Web Intelligence: It is a web browser tool, which lets users perform analysis, develop formatted reports, and then distribute these reports on SAP BO. Of course, these reports can be exported to Excel or PDF.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards: It is a data visualization tool, which lets users create custom dashboards from reports. Interactive charts, widgets, and gauges are several types of reports to be obtained.
  • Crystal Reports: It is a data analytics and reporting tool, which is focused on individual users. At the same time, it is also helpful for small and medium-sized businesses in different ways. With this tool, they can develop dynamic reports from many data sources and deliver them in a variety of formats. They can also access these reports either online or offline, even from portals, applications, or mobile devices.
  • Query as a Web Service or QaaWS: It is a tool, which helps users to develop and publish web services. These services can be consumed in Crystal Reports, as well as SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards. In software applications, these web services can be used.
  • SAP Lumira: It is a self-service data discovery tool, as well as a visualization tool. This tool can help users to find and evaluate business data. Users can develop custom interactive dashboards, as well as for analytics applications.
  • SAP BusinessObjects Explorer: It is a self-service data exploration tool, which allows users to explore large volumes of data from many different sources and then develop data visualizations. Such data visualizations can be shared across a number of organizations. 

Is Business Intelligence different from Business Objects?

Business Intelligence is an abbreviation for all IT solutions, which work together to extract, alter, and load data. Business Intelligence can also help in analyzing and reporting data. Moreover, Business Objects or BO is an industry player in Business Intelligence.


To conclude, Business Objects XI or BOXI is a key product of the company, which is equipped with components for different purposes like performance management, planning, querying, reporting, and analyzing. It also helps in the enterprise information management system. Web Intelligence Tools can provide a flexible architecture, with which you can aid in your company’s growth. Using such tools, you can get expertise in increased user autonomy, real-time business intelligence, on-premise deployment, and simplified, dynamic, and personalized information usage. For more details about web intelligence, it would be good to visit Acid Tech, an online platform to help businesses in making informed decisions and achieve success. 

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