SportsJunior Tennis – Top Tips for Optimum Development

Junior Tennis – Top Tips for Optimum Development


If your son or daughter shows promise as a tennis player, you have come to the right place, as we offer a few important tips to aid in development for junior tennis enthusiasts.

  • Choice of racket – As you would expect, the choice of racket is paramount; we advise you to talk to a tennis coach before buying a junior racket, as there are numerous sizes. The time will come when your son or daughter needs a better racket and the coach would inform you when he/she feels the time is right.
  • Practice makes perfect – Great players practice daily, especially when they were young; hitting a ball against a wall works and enrolling your child in one of the leading tennis camps in Sydney is sure to help them develop their game in a structured way. In order to develop your game, you need coaching and opponents of a similar or higher level than yourself and yes, it takes a lot of self-discipline to improve your game to a high level.
  • The importance of hydration – It cannot be overstated that you need to stay hydrated when playing tennis; drink water about 30 minutes before the session and top up as required. This is even more important in the summer, so do make sure your child has their own water bottle.
  • Study the game – When you watch the top tennis pros, their footwork is always on point, making sure they are in the perfect position to return the ball. While you can’t watch a good player and copy their actions, you can take various things and introduce them into your game. Tennis coaches like to sit down with their students and watch top players, slowing down the film, rewinding and pointing out certain things. Click here for a fantastic article about the rising popularity of tennis in Australia.
  • Identify and analyse shots – Both forehand and backhand, there are many shots; drop, slice, power serve and so on; practice each and when you play, you will automatically know which shot is right at that moment. This is why coaching is so important; the tennis professionals know how to help their student with various aspects of their game. 
  • Balanced diet – When playing any sport, it is critical to eat the right foods; your coach can help you plan a weekly diet, plus he or she can advise you on things to avoid. If you are sending your child to a tennis camp this summer, they will get some instruction about diet and a daily workout routine.

As the parent of a promising young tennis player, your role is to be as supportive as you can; invest in tennis coaching and take your child to compete whenever possible.  Click here for information on sports grants and funds. There will be times when they need some emotional support, so be there for them when they experience a downer and celebrate their successes.

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