financeHow to Report a Workman's Comp Claim? 

How to Report a Workman’s Comp Claim? 


A worker should report a work-related injury or illness claim immediately after it occurs, ensuring that proper medical care is given to injured or sick workers. It also ensures that the employer meets the state’s policy and jurisdictional requirements. The employer must file a worker’s comp claim, but it can also be done by the employee’s doctor, family, or lawyer.

Immediately a worker notifies an employer that they have been injured on the job or are ill, the process of claiming compensation from the workman insurance should begin. Let’s look at how to ensure that reporting a claim is done in the right way.

Filing a Workman’s Compensation Claim

The first step an employee should take is to report the injury to the employer, and then the employer guides the employee on the required paperwork and other steps to follow. The employer then prepares an injury report and files the claim form. After the claim is submitted, the insurer then accepts or denies the claim. The employee can request reconsideration or file a formal appeal if the claim benefits are denied.

Deadlines for Reporting a Work-related Injury or Illness

The worker’s compensation law has deadlines which, if not followed, give grounds for denial of the claims. Below are the deadlines: A report is said to be on time when it’s done within 14 days of the injury, and your employer cannot deny your workers’ comp benefits. An employer can deny your claim based on late notice and proves that the report has been prejudiced if reporting is done between 15 and 30 days after injury or diagnosis. 

Between 31 and 180 days, an employer cannot deny claims if the delay was due to a mistake made, Ignorance, Inability to report, Fraud, or Misrepresentation by an employer. However, an employer can deny your workman insurance benefits if they prove the delay itself prejudiced the claim. For injuries reported after 180 days, no workers’ comp benefits are paid unless you were physically and mentally incapacitated.

How to Give Notice

After reporting, give a notice whose form varies from state to state. The injured or sick worker can fill out an accident form report, write an email or letter or give an oral report. If providing a verbal notice, it is essential to accompany it with a written notice to avoid questioning whether a worker made a report. Always ensure to keep a copy of your notification for documentation

You should include the following in a notice to your employer: Name and contact information, Date and time of your injury, Place where the accident occurred, How the accident\injury happened, and symptoms experienced. In addition, some states require that you file your workers’ comp claim form by giving your employer the right to file with the agency or your state compensation agency. Some states also allow employees to file workman insurance claims online at the state agency’s website.

Mistakes to Avoid when Reporting

Worker’s compensation claims are often disputed using accident\injury\illness reports and written notices. Ensure any given information is correct and consistent. Avoid the following mistakes: do not describe nonexistent symptoms or make guesses about your accident. 

Reports should be honest; you only need to be a little detailed, and unless your doctor has given a diagnosis, do not include it. It is also vital to report minor symptoms as they can escalate and become more severe with time.


Reporting an injury late does not affect your benefits but can lead to unwanted issues during the claim process. Following the proper procedure when reporting ensures that you get your benefits and there are no delays.

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