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How to keep your decor light this Summer with breezy lighting designs?


Summers are already here knocking on our doors and it’s time to refresh your decor with some fresh designs that can help you counter this beautiful yet annoying weather. The whole thing about your summer decor is that it shouldn’t be too cluttered as you’re going to need optimum ventilation and illumination to get through the season. Keep it simple, don’t go too loud as you don’t want a lot of bright lights hovering over your head in this hot weather.

As long as the lighting designs go, there are practically no restrictions because in the end, it’s all about how you feel about your decor. You always have the power to modify or change the decor completely. But it is very important to maintain a certain uniformity in your decor and balance the tone throughout your living space. Now dont worry because planning the lighting layout of your home isn’t as complicated as it sounds. We have your back and we’ll give you the best permutations and combinations in your lighting layout to give you the best looking decor which is functional at the same time.

Update the statement piece

You may have a chandelier or a pendant light gracing your space as the overhead highlight. While you can continue to have that, you have a much better option this season and that is a designer ceiling fan equipped with lights or what they are commonly called in the industry, chandelier fans. Decorative ceiling fans with lights have always been an intriguing choice in the design scene and with the creativity at its zenith now, you get access to so many designs that create a stirring visual in your beautiful abodes.

Chandelier fans are usually equipped with a beautiful lighting design right at the center enhancing the functionality of the space by a significant margin. You not only get a breezy setting but get a well-lit space at the same time.

Enhance the ambience

Now, the days will be longer this season and you’ll not need a lot of bright lights in your home until late evenings. So the best way to light up your home is to get the ambience right. Adding apt soft light to the space can perfectly complement your breezy and well lit evenings. How to achieve the right ambience is the question.

Whenever the term ambience comes into the equation, lamps are the go-to fixtures that can help you out. Be it table lamps, floor lamps or wall lamps, any of these lighting designs can create a beautiful atmosphere in your home and add the right amount of warmth to your spaces. A table lamp may be the best choice for you depending on the kind of space you have in your abode. Table lamps are not just compact but blend quite easily into your existing decor without a lot of work. If you have space to spare, then go for floor lamps as they add some functionality to the space too.

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