Home ImprovementHow to Clean Ceramic Light Pendants Properly at Home?

How to Clean Ceramic Light Pendants Properly at Home?


Out of various décor additions, one element that’ll undoubtedly add richness and texture to your house is a ceramic light. But like most things, a ceramic light pendant can pave the way for dust accumulation and lead to the light working inefficiently.

If your ceramic lights are starting to shed lustre, it’s time to take action and clean them!

Precautions to Take Before Cleaning the Ceramic Lights

Wanting to get off the couch or taking time from a busy schedule to clean your precious lights can be exciting. On top of that, it can leave you with a feeling of impatience.

Before you get your hands on the duster, make sure to take these precautions for safety purposes:

  • Switch off the electric supply
  • Permit the bulb and light fitting to cool down to the room temperature
  • Make sure that your ladder, chair, or stool is standing on a flat surface
  • If you’re planning to use a wet cloth or spray, steer clear of electric sockets

Various Methods of Cleaning your Ceramic Pendant Lights

Depending on the tightness of your schedule and the intensity of cleanliness, there are two ways of cleaning these lights:

Light Maintenance Clean

To initiate light maintenance clean, you can keep the lights in their original position. Then, polish the ceramic shade with a soft duster or a silky lint-free cloth to eliminate surface dust.

If the light possesses greasy or stubborn spots, use a wet cloth with mild soap and warm water solution. However, it would help to use a dry cloth for metals, antiques, or painted light fittings.

Wipe the frames and fixtures as well as the cables. Lastly, mop the bulb gently while avoiding its metal base for now.

Deep Clean

It’s wise to give your ceramic light pendant a deep clean once in a while. The frequency should be higher if the lights are present in the kitchen or hallway locations.

To clean the lights deeply, you need to pull the shade out of the ceiling. After that, you should place a soft towel or sheet underneath the pendant lights if you drop them. Also, line your table with a clean and dry towel to prepare a flat workspace.

Remove the bulbs carefully, set them aside on the towel-lined table, and carefully uninstall the fixtures by supporting the shades. As the next step, you need to put the dye in a bowl of warm soap solution and let it soak.

Clean all the nook, grooves, and corners of the shade using lint-free cloth in circular motions. Subsequently, rinse the shade in a bowl of cold water to shed any residues.

Repeat the same steps for the frame, fixtures, and cables with a fresh lint-free cloth. Although instead of soaking them in water, clean them with a slightly damp cloth and stray away from electric fittings. Now, give the bulb a meticulous wipe while avoiding its base.

Once all the pieces dry off, it’s time to fit them back together and enjoy a brand-new-looking pendant light.


To preserve the shine of your ceramic light pendant, you need to provide them with regular care.

Light maintenance cleans every week helps keep the dust and debris at bay. Additionally, a deep clean every two months prevents ingrained filth and dirt. Nonetheless, if your lights still seem dull, they might be a victim to other problems.

So, use these steps to get down to shining your ceramic lights!

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