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How To Choose The Perfect Wig For Your Birthday Party?


It’s your birthday, and you want to look fabulous. But you want to spend only a little money on a professional hairstylist. So what’s the next best thing? Wigs. They are indeed a great way to change your look without breaking the bank. But how do you essentially know which one is right for you?

Your birthday is the perfect occasion to rock a new hairpiece. Here are essentially a few things to actively keep in mind when choosing the perfect hairpiece for your birthday party:

1. Consider your party theme. If you’re throwing a themed birthday bash, pick hair pieces that fit the theme.

2. Think about your outfit. What kind of look are you currently going for? Hair pieces can help you achieve any look you desire, whether glamorous or playful.

3. Remember the accessories. Add some sparkly jewellery or clip-on earrings if you want to go all out. Or, keep it simple with a headband or scarf.

What is your budget?

No matter your budget, there is something out there for you. Whether you are looking to spend $20 or $200, options are available at all price points. The more expensive hair pieces will usually be made of higher-quality materials and last longer than the cheaper ones. It depends on how often you plan on wearing the toupee and how well you take care of it.

What is the weather like?

If it is hot outside, you will want a product made of breathable material that does not trap heat. If it is cold outside, you will essentially want a product that is made of warm material and covers your head well.

What type of wig cap do you need?

Full lace caps are made entirely of lace, which makes them very breathable and comfortable to wear. They also provide a natural look that allows your hair to move freely. Front lace caps only have lace in the front. Monofilament caps are made of a single layer of material that closely mimics the look and feel of natural hair. Capless caps offer a light and airy feel.

What length do you want?

You want the one that will compliment your features and style. The length should also be in proportion to your body type. If you are petite, choose a shorter length. If you are taller, select a longer one. 

What is your natural hair like?

Your natural hair is the best foundation. If you have long, thick, curly hair, you will want to find one with many volumes. On the other hand, if you have thin, straight hair, you will want to find one that is sleek and has little volume. 

What is your face shape?

If you have an oval-shaped face, any style will look good on you, so have fun trying out different looks. If you have a round face, try to look for the ones with chin-length bobs or long and straight styles. These will help to elongate your face and indeed make it look thinner.

If you have a square-shaped face, try softening your features with a wig with curls or waves. For those with heart-shaped faces, go for the ones with side-swept bangs or layers around the jawline. These will help to balance out the wide forehead and narrow chin of this facial shape.

Finally, if you have a diamond-shaped face, choose the one that hits right at the chin or slightly below. Straight or wavy styles will help to soften the angularity of your cheeks and jawline.

With so many different options available for you to choose from, it’s essential to take your time and pick the one that is right for you.

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