TechnologyHow Is Water Mitigation Different From Water Damage Restoration?

How Is Water Mitigation Different From Water Damage Restoration?


Keeping all its nooks and corners dry is mandatory for a home to stay in good shape for years. Certain circumstances result in the entry of unwanted water into homes. The best way of dealing with the situation is by seeking professional help. Two types of services can bail the homeowner out of this situation, water mitigation Milwaukee WI services and water damage restoration services. The section below will help readers understand the difference between these two services.

A Comparison Between Water Mitigation and Water Damage Restoration

While the primary goal of both services is identical, to protect homes against water damage and its dangerous consequences, the two services are very different. For best results, however, the two services must occur in succession.

When a house becomes a victim of water logging or issues like leaking pipes and a dripping roof, it must first undergo water mitigation. Once the area is dry, water damage restoration services should take place to repair the damages resulting from exposure to unwanted water and we can use this ultrasonic flow meter for checking water flow.

Different Types of Water Mitigation and Water Damage Restoration 

The exterior water entering a home might have its source in groundwater, leaky gutters, or an expanding water table. Water may also enter homes from a clogged toilet, overflowing bathtubs, a damaged water heater, or cracked pipes. The type of water mitigation and damage restoration services a home needs depends on the source of the water. 

Black Water: As its name suggests, the color of this water type is black. It comes from a dirty source and is usually contaminated. Seeds of black water may include sewage lines and toilets. 

Gray Water: The term “gray water” indicates water that has already been used. This water type is also dirty but is unlikely to be contaminated. The familiar sources of gray water are water from washing machines, sump pumps, dishwashers, or bathtubs. 

Clear Water: Clearwater enters the house when there are one or more leaks in a water supply pipe. Clearwater is potable water devoid of any unwanted agents. 

Typically, water mitigation or damage restoration services will cost more if the home has black or gray water. 

About the Water Mitigation and Damage Restoration Processes

Water mitigation Milwaukee WI involves stopping unwanted water from entering the home. Professionals accomplish the goal by using various mitigation techniques. Once they stop water flow into the house, they extract the existing water and dry out the area.

During water mitigation, professionals also check the property for damage. They carry out inspections to spot structural damage. They remove carpeting and furniture to spot damage on the flooring. They also inspect documents, books, furniture, clothing, etc. If the damage appears to be irreversible, they even discard some properties. However, they do so only after consulting the homeowner.

Water damage restoration, on the other hand, involves mending and restoring homes damaged due to exposure to unwanted water. The process must occur after the completion of water mitigation.


Homeowners often commit the mistake of avoiding using professional services for water mitigation. They feel that it’s a job that can be done using tools like a giant fan or vacuum. They seek professional help only for damage restoration. However, the fact is that for high-quality damage restoration, hiring professionals for Water mitigation Milwaukee WI services is a must.

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