HealthHow Iron Deficiency Drives You Towards Hair Transplantation?

How Iron Deficiency Drives You Towards Hair Transplantation?


Iron deficiency affects our body and hair in the wrong way. People do not even know when they might be suffering from iron deficiency. It can give rise to hair loss or baldness by disrupting the oxygen supply to hair follicles due to which people think about having hair transplantation.

It weakens the hairs from roots, which can result in hair shafts, leading to brittle, dry and breakage of strands. Furthermore, it reduces the hair growth and proper functioning of the cells, impacting our overall appearance and hair growth. Maintaining adequate iron levels is essential for our body and hair requirements.

In this blog, you will get all the information regarding the importance of iron, how iron deficiency and anaemia relate to each other, how you will know that you are suffering from iron deficiency, and what preventions you must take to fulfil your body’s requirements. 

Importance of Iron in Our Body 

Like other micronutrients, iron is also one of the essential micronutrients that benefits your body in several ways. Some iron benefits are but are not limited to these: fight hair loss, help heal wounds at the earliest, make you energetic, improve brain development, increase muscle strength, and so on.  

Iron supplementation helps produce Red Blood Cells (RBCs) containing a haemoglobin protein (Hb). Haemoglobin is used to carry oxygen around the body via our bloodstream to all tissues and organs. An inadequate supply of iron leads to insufficient oxygen supply to various body parts, resulting in various health problems. 

Anaemia and hair loss 

Anaemia is a condition which occurs due to a lack of iron in our body. Lack of iron results in reduced RBCs, thus destructively affecting our body. This disrupts the hair growth cycle, impacting hair follicles’ physiological processes. Although, it is essential to know that other factors are also causing hair loss. Only fulfilling the body’s iron requirements may or may not give the desired results. But it is going to benefit you in the long term. You will start noticing that your body and hair are feeling active again. 

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency 

It is a question that comes to everyone’s mind: How will you get to know if you have iron deficiency or not? Here are some of the significant symptoms of iron deficiency. If you are facing these indications, consult a doctor and prevent your body from causing more harm. 


It is a symptom of iron deficiency if you feel tired even after not doing so much of the work. It happens due to an inappropriate supply of oxygen in your body. 

Pale Skin 

Haemoglobin gives deep red colour to the cells. If you observe that your skin is getting light in colour or shade, you might have iron deficiency. 

Increased hair loss 

Hair loss is usual; it might occur due to bad weather or dirty hair. But when you start facing a lot of hair loss in everyday situations, it is a symptom of anaemia. Taking advice from a hair specialist can help you eliminate all your hair problems.

Weakness or Headaches 

If you are feeling weak or have headaches, joint pain, or chest pain. Consulting a doctor as soon as possible gives the best solution, as it can be due to iron deficiency or other reasons. 

Preventing hair loss 

A lot of people suffer from hair problems due to different reasons. An unbalanced diet is not the only reason for iron deficiency. It might also occur due to some bleeding in the body, such as periods, stomach ulcers, or others. This also happens in pregnant women as the body requires extra nutrition for the baby. The common preventions you can take for fulfilling the body’s iron requirements are. 

Healthy balanced diet 

A healthy, balanced diet keeps you in healthy shape. Make sure your diet has all the nutrients in the right amount. You have to face problems if you take less or more nutrients than required. 

Iron supplements 

Taking iron supplements, as suggested by your doctor, is necessary. Do not take supplements on your own. Consulting a specialist doctor is essential for consuming any supplements. 

Lifestyle changes 

Suppose you have an unbalanced lifestyle, inappropriate sleep timings, eating habits, etc. Try to modify it as soon as possible, as these can give you unnecessary health issues even while eating healthy food. 

Maintaining a hair care routine 

Fulfilling the body’s requirements is necessary to lead a happy life. Suppose you are facing a lot of hair issues. Fulfil the nutritious needs of the hair, massage regularly, oil twice a week, use best-in-class products, and so on can help you to take care of your hair.

Wrap up 

Iron deficiency can be fulfilled quickly with the proper guidance. Every person faces different symptoms according to their body. Having one or more symptoms does not necessarily mean you have iron deficiency. Taking care of your health and having the proper guidance from a hair specialist will help you attain your desired goal. 

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