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How Can I Get A Work Visa In The United States?


A U.S. work visa permits you to engage in work in the U.S. for a fixed period. To get a work visa, follow the steps below with the help of your attorney. Your visa is active based on the work contract you establish with your employer. 

To obtain a work visa, you must understand which work visa is most relevant. Below is a brief overview of the types of visas you can apply for and what they accommodate. Contact your visa attorney to figure out which work visa is best for you.   

After your petition is approved, prepare your application. Your visa lawyer can help you get the necessary paperwork together to ensure you successfully complete the application. As you complete each step, use the following information as a resource. 

How To Get Your Work Visa 

Bear in mind that each requires significant work and preparation. To get your work visa:

  1. Your employer files a petition with USCIS after you have been accepted for your job. 
  2. Once USCIS approves your petition, you may apply for a temporary nonimmigrant work visa.
  3. Decide which visa is right for you with guidance from your visa lawyer. 
  4. Gather the necessary paperwork.
  5. Complete your application online with help from your visa lawyer. 
  6. Go to your interview. 

What Your Visa Lawyer Can Assist You With 

Reach out to a visa work lawyer to get assistance completing your documents successfully. Your attorney will ensure that your application meets the requirements, and they will help you prepare for your interview.

H Work Visas: A Brief Overview

H Visas cover specialty occupations such as modeling and government-based research. You must have a college degree or equivalent to apply. Your visa lawyer can help you determine if one of the H visas is right for you. H visas may require a degree of post-secondary education composed of a minimum of four years within a relevant field. Agricultural and non-agricultural H visas accommodate seasonal work; these are limited to citizens of specific nations. The H-3 Trainee/Special Education Visitor is for training opportunities nonexistent in the trainee’s home nation.

L Work Visas

These visas are for work at affiliates of the employer and are typically in a managerial role with previous employment abroad by the same employer for a minimum of one year within the last three consecutive years. 

O Work Visas 

O visas are for applicants with exemplary ability in specific fields such as science, education, athletics, business, and creative arts.  

P Work Visas: A Brief Overview 

P work visas are for jobs in athletics, entertainment, art, and for coaches and trainer services. 

Q Work Visas
Q visas are for international cultural exchange program work, such as practical training and jobs related to sharing history. 

Follow The Steps With Legal Guidance 

Getting your work visa is a series of steps that require focus and accuracy to complete the process successfully. To obtain your U.S. work visa, contact your visa lawyer for assistance. 

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