servicesHiring a UTE for Business

Hiring a UTE for Business


What Can You Move With a UTE?

A UTE hire can allow your business the flexibility to move large equipment and transport buildings or other supplies without the investment into buying a vehicle to do so. There are a variety of types of trucks, each having a different purpose and able to move different materials or complete specific tasks.

Depending upon the type of vehicle and the back section, there are several tasks that a UTE can complete. Versions include a refrigerated back for moving frozen or cooled goods, flat backs for hauling materials that do not fit in a van or car, backs that rise to dump out goods from the bed of the truck, and traditional truck boxes for hauling large items. Also available are vans for transporting items that must remain covered and are not too large for the space.

Many items and materials can be moved with a UTE including building supplies, appliances, furniture, landscaping equipment and supplies, and more. Vans and open truck beds can easily transport flowers and small trees or bushes, while those with a dump truck portion can move sand, loose rock, and dirt. These trucks are able to haul larger and heavier materials than other vehicles without being too large or requiring a special license to drive. They are readily available for hire and can offer flexibility to any business.

Why Hire a UTE?

When a larger or specialized vehicle is needed to move items a UTE hire can be used for a short term rental. By hiring a UTE for a short period of time rather than purchasing a vehicle, a business can complete the moving tasks that are required without the ongoing expense or the large up front purchase cost of an additional vehicle.

Purchasing a vehicle for the business will have an up front cost for the purchase as well as ongoing costs. Owning a vehicle requires correct registration, maintenance, repairs, licensing, and insurance be paid each month, and financing requires ongoing payments. If the vehicle is used often this may be required, but if it is needed only for a short time or for specific projects, a short term hire is more efficient. Long term leasing is suitable for a vehicle that will be required over an extended period of time without requiring a purchase of a vehicle for the business.

With many types of UTE vehicles available for hire, they are useful for many jobs and are able to move a wide variety of materials and items. When hiring a UTE, select one that is the best fit for the items that you will be moving, whether it is large furniture, loose landscaping or building materials, to ensure the most efficiency. A long term or short term rental can be arranged, and there is no special license required to drive or operate the vehicles. A UTE hire is a flexible alternative to purchasing a vehicle to move goods.

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