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Heartland Community Swap – Buy & Sell Items Online via Facebook Group


Heartland Community Swap is one of the strongest networks of people buying and selling on Facebook. It’s an public group on Facebook where people buy and sell hundreds and thousands of items daily.

This group has over 150K+ members. So if you want to promote your products or business, Heartland Community Swap is a great place to start.

Opening Hours:

Since it is an online store. It opens 24×7.

How to Join?

In order to join the community, you just need to visit their Facebook group and press the ‘Join Group’ button.

You will be asked a couple on questions. Your approval depends upon the answers of the questions asked.

How to Buy or Sell Items?

After joining the group, you can easily buy or sell items of your choice. It is a very hassle free process. You need to follow the below steps.

1. Selling Process

You just need to upload the product image and description such as price or quantity on the group.

Interested person will contact you to buy the item.

2. Buying Process

Once you join the group, you need to navigate the catalog posted by other members of the group. Once you find any suitable item, you can contact the owner either by commenting or by sending a DM on his messenger.

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