EducationGetting a scholarship from Sunstone never got easier! Here's...

Getting a scholarship from Sunstone never got easier! Here’s how you can apply.


Sunstone, a leading higher education service provider, aims to bridge the employability gap between students and corporates. They factor in what every student needs and offers an ecosystem where students can grow in and be ready to take on the world.

To revolutionize education and reach out to every household in the country, Sunstone has partnered with the newest cricketing franchise, the Lucknow Super Giants. With this association, the education platform is launching a nationwide campaign, #JeetegaSparkHi.

The campaign is designed to spot talented and deserving candidates by offering scholarships for the course they wish to pursue. Sunstone values the spark of each student, and with their technology-driven education services, these sparks will be ignited, bringing out the best among the students.

The scholarship campaign will run from 28th March to 29th May 2022 and is set at offering a total scholarship amount of ₹4 Cr, and students eligible for the scholarship can be given grants of as much as ₹30,000 per student.

Everything about the #JeetegaSparkHi campaign

The #JeetegaSparkHi campaign is a unique one as the scholarship amount is not pre-decided but will be determined based on the achievements of the Lucknow Super Giants. To elaborate, every run, boundary, six, catch, wicket, and half-century scored by the franchise will play a role in determining the scholarship amount. The table below shows the value of each feat by the Lucknow Super Giants.

LSG MoveAmount per move
Sixes by LSG in a matchINR 6,000
Fours by LSG in a matchINR 4,000
Wickets taken by LSG in a matchINR 1,00,000
Half-centuries per matchINR 5,00,000
Catches in a matchINR 1,00,000
Runs per MatchINR 1,000

Eligibility for the scholarship

Candidates who are pursuing or applying for UG or PG courses for the current year are eligible for the scholarship. These courses include MBA/PGDM/MCA/ BCA/BBA/B.Com/B.Tech. One thing candidates must note is that the scholarship is time-bound, meaning they are given on a first-come, first-serve basis. Eligible candidates can apply for the scholarship till the beginning of the team’s next match. So let’s say at the end of match 1, a candidate is eligible, the candidate must apply for the scholarship before match 2 of LSG begins.  And to apply for the scholarship, candidates need to visit the Sunstone website and can also inform their counselor that they wish to apply for the scholarship.

Maximizing the opportunity

One more attractive feature of the scholarship is that it is merit-based. Hence, all candidates who qualify for the Sunstone Eduversity Admission Test (S.E.A.T) are eligible for the scholarship. This ensures that all applicants are treated fairly and are given an equal opportunity for the same. There are more than 2000 scholarships to be given out, and candidates can apply for the scholarship more than once to increase their odds.

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