ConstructionDifferent Types of Scaffolding You Can Use for Your...

Different Types of Scaffolding You Can Use for Your Next Construction Projects


Workers usually require a platform to walk on easily when working on a building’s exterior area. The platform is important for specific, flame detection safety dangerous jobs like repairing cracks on a large exterior wall. Using a ladder isn’t ideal for this job because there may still be areas that are impossible to reach. 

However, you can use an efficient platform that construction personnel use for that type of job called scaffolding. Before calling scaffolding hire services to set it up, you need to know the different types, or else you might end up renting one that won’t be right for the job, causing you to waste time and money. 

The Different Scaffolding Types

The reason for the different types of scaffolding is the many applications each worker can use it on. In most cases, a tall scaffolding may not work on a medium-sized building, so manufacturers built several types to accommodate certain jobs and uses. Some of the different types of scaffolding include: 

  • Single Scaffolding Platform 

Most of the time, workers use a single scaffolding for brick masonry. It consists of standards, ledgers, putlogs, etc., parallel to the wall at around 1.2 meters. The distance between the standards is roughly between 2 to 2.5 meters. Putlogs are positioned at an interim of 1.2 to 1.5 meters, while ]ledgers have a vertical interval with the same meters as the putlogs.

  • Double Scaffolding Platform 

This other type of scaffolding can be utilised for stone masonry, which is also called the “mason’s scaffolding.” Workers have a tough time making holes in the stone wall to support putlogs. Constructing two rows of scaffolding makes the structure sturdier. The first row has a 20 to 30-cm distance from the wall, and the second row is a meter away from the first one. 

  • Cantilever Scaffolding Platform 

The standards of the cantilever scaffolding platform are supported on a sequence of needles, and the needles are drawn out through the wall in holes. That is what you would call a single frame type scaffolding. You can also find double frame type scaffolding wherein the needles are strutted inside the floors and out the openings. 

  • Suspended Scaffolding Platform 

The suspended scaffolding platform enables workers to be suspended from roofs with only the assistance of wire ropes or chains. The main benefit of suspended scaffolding is that workers can lower or raise it using its pulley system.

  • Patented Scaffolding Platform 

The patented scaffolding platform is manufactured from steel but has unique couplings and frames. They are usually pre-built for clients to buy whenever they need something fast in the market. The working platform is arranged on brackets for workers to adjust and reach a specific height without a problem

  • Steel Scaffolding Platform 

Most of the time, workers would call scaffolding hire services and pick aluminium scaffolding because it is lighter and economical. But others prefer a steel scaffolding connected by steel fittings or couplers because of its amazing durability, strength, and excellent fire resistance. Keep in mind that there were cases when building fires would reach the scaffolding and cause it to heat up right away, which is why steel is the best type of scaffolding material to use. 

Choose the Perfect One

The type of scaffolding will depend on what type of building and where the work will be conducted. If it is a building with multiple floors, a suspended scaffold platform may be the best choice instead of the patented scaffold platform. There are scaffolders, engineers, and scaffolding designers who can provide advice when choosing the right type of scaffold platform.

You should always have your team know what type of scaffolding they are using to ensure you finish the tasks at hand without a problem. 

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