HealthAcquiring Your Child's Sole Custody: A Guide

Acquiring Your Child’s Sole Custody: A Guide


Divorce is the last thing married couples would consider if there are issues in the relationship. For some families in Brisbane, it is the only option. Divorce is difficult, but it becomes a nightmare when kids are involved. In 2010, nearly fifty thousand children were affected by divorce, and 50% of children involved were under 18. Half of the marriages in 2017 ended in divorce. 2 out of 1000 people are getting divorced, and the statistics are alarming.

If you are going through this challenging phase of your life with children involved, custody is one of the crucial elements you have to consider. Child custody is a sensitive matter and can be provided solely to the parent. Getting sole custody in Brisbane allows one parent to get complete custody of the children after divorce while the other parent gets the right to see children under specific conditions.

Getting Sole Custody of Your Child

Most of the time, courts consider joint custody, which allows the parents to share the roles and responsibilities. Sole custody is only provided in specific conditions, but several reasons necessitate the court to consider sole custody of the children.

Firstly, the parents’ history of physical or emotional abuse is considered the most substantial aspect. The court may also restrict abusive parents from seeing their children in specific conditions if the situation is complex. When one of the parents abandons the child, sole custody is provided to the other parent. Addiction, mental illness and incarceration are different elements that allow the court to provide sole custody to one of the parents.

Professional Assistance to Win Sole Custody of Your Kids

You would have understood what it means to have sole custody in Brisbane and how you can win the custody of the kids. If you want to know more in detail about this subject, you can hire attorneys, and they will help you to get custody of the children after divorce. Experts will only be able to precisely provide all the details regarding the subject. Acquiring complete custody of children will help one parent make decisions without consulting the other.

Advantages of Having a Child Custody

Your child doesn’t encounter the confusion of living in two different places, which can cause emotional turmoil for the child. Though the children would be happy to see both parents, it might be hard for them to handle the divorce and separation chaos at a young age. If a kid knows that one parent is entirely responsible for making decisions, it can incite confidence.

Divorce is an emotional pain for those involved, and the kids are no exception. The child’s behaviour may be different after going through the divorce. It will be easier to provide the complete care and attention your kids need if you have full custody.

Living in multiple rooms, various schools, and different Brisbane neighbourhoods can be a hassle for the kid. A child will have a clear mindset if they settle with one parent. One of the painful moments is seeing your ex after a divorce. You might have to go through this often if you have joint custody of the child. However, sole custody will prevent you from revisiting the painful memories in the past that pop when you see the father or mother of your child.

Getting sole custody of the child is a huge decision, and parenting is a big responsibility. Individuals need to consider all the factors before making the right decision. As a child, it’s hard to understand what the parents are going through. You are responsible for providing the best life for the kids after divorce.

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