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7 Ways Social Workers Improve the Delivery of Healthcare Services


Social workers are an integral part of society. The services they provide are essential for overall well-being at the societal level. These include ensuring that the community gets appropriate help right away. One of the sectors they can provide their services in is the healthcare industry. Per day hospitals are catering to thousands of patients, each with its set of demands. If effective care is not provided promptly, it jeopardizes the patient’s life. A community works best if all the members of it are healthy and thriving. Continued neglect shatters the solid structure and brings disarray to society. Therefore, social workers can act as a medium to ensure that patients get the help they need. It is through the constant monitoring and vigilance of social workers that communities are still thriving. The healthcare sector needs social workers to help them accomplish better healthcare outcomes. Here are some ways social workers can ensure that the community never gets deprived of optimum care:

  1. Assess the need of the community

Assessment is the in-depth analysis of what the community needs and ensuring it is met. The education a social worker receives plays a significant role in identifying and understanding these problems. Therefore, a strong recommendation is to acquire a master’s degree before working alongside any healthcare setups. Online educational platforms can help you out. You can easily earn a masters of social work online and start a promising career in a self-paced manner.  Higher education enables social workers to thoroughly evaluate the gaps in healthcare needs and develop a suitable action plan to reduce them. After compiling a formal report, social workers can work with different hospitals and clinics and divide the cases.

  1. Advocate for community rights

Not every community gets the appropriate funding or attention from the government. Continued neglect starts manifesting in the way people live. Advocating for community rights is all about highlighting these problems. If a community is severely lacking primary care, it slowly starts seeping into other aspects of life. An individual has a right to proper healthcare. These include primary and intensive care. If the government or policymakers cannot erect a hospital right away, retail clinics are another option. Retail clinics can provide primary care to the population. Social workers can identify those who need emergency services and arrange special care for them.


  1. Work alongside public health officials

Public health officials are professionals responsible for disease prevention at the community level. They are on the constant hunt for data that can explain trends in diseases. Social workers can help public health officials find the relevant communities right away. They can help these professionals collect data while encouraging people to get treatment. Part of the healthcare services is to provide education to the community too. Without awareness, people will continue falling back on older habits despite getting treatment. Hence social workers can collaborate with public health officials and spread awareness. They can also help them devise policies that can ensure people continue getting adequate care.

  1. Provide financial assistance

Medical expenditure can get hefty. Families and patients often avoid getting treatment because of piling bills and expenses. The added costs only increase stress on the families and the patients. While avoiding treatment is not an option since the condition can escalate. However, social workers can ensure that medical costs aren’t the reason why families are avoiding treatment. They can connect them to community resources that include financial help for people who can’t afford treatment. If there are institutes that provide financial aid, they can help these families reach out to them. Certain NGOs provide funding for families struggling with paying medical bills. It is only a matter of reaching out to them. In other cases, social workers will connect families to hospitals or clinics that work at a minimal cost but provide quality treatment.

  1. Counsel patients

There is an assumption that counseling is the act of talking to people over a few sessions. That is not the case. Counseling is about providing guidance and support. Patients may need counseling while they are undergoing treatment, as well as counseling to go into medicine. Certain diseases are very traumatizing, for example, cancer. When a patient is going through treatment for cancer, it can get painful. They may have a hard time getting along with their family and being consistent about their health. Counseling can provide support in such cases. Social workers have an understanding when it comes to the thought process behind intensive treatments. They can help the patient find coping mechanisms and come to terms with their illness. If a patient is struggling to check into treatment, they can also provide support. Social workers can give support in the form of individual or group counseling. Both are equally effective depending on how much help the person needs.

  1. Manage paperwork

People who apply for medical treatment through social services get their paperwork documented. It is essential because it also helps social workers track what treatment is effective for what disease. It also helps these workers understand what treatment costs are like and how to find an appropriate insurance plan. Social workers work at a community level. Once they figure out how to curb infectious diseases, they can apply the same methods to other clients. Through the process of documentation and monitoring, most infectious diseases can get under control. When contagious diseases get contained, social workers can then focus on non-communicable diseases. The treatment for these diseases, such as cancer and heart conditions, is often extensive. Arranging the appropriate resources and treatment channels takes time.


  1. Locate professionals

Social workers are also constantly educating the population. While they may have the resources to talk to people, only professionals can guide patients in the best possible way. The professionals can guide the people on various diseases and how to keep them safe. For example, the CDC and WHO have doctors updating and providing information for the population to follow. These include safety measures and why they are essential. It is easier to give people the resources in a comprehensive manner that can easily get translated. These professionals can help patients understand the urgency of their diseases and help them seek help. For example, if the community healthcare facilities do not have flu shots, they need o make arrangements to ensure the availability of flu shots to prevent the disease’s spread.

Wrap up

Social workers play an essential role in improving community health. While hospitals are there for you to seek help, accessibility is still an issue. Not everyone can tap into healthcare resources right away. A sector of the population may harbor misconceptions about treatments and vaccines. Another factor may not be that patients are not comfortable paying a considerable sum of money for their care. Social workers act as a bridge in connecting people to the treatment they need. Their work requires both commitment and diligence to ensure people get the correct information to act swiftly. It is only through their intervention that the healthcare sector can reach numerous communities.

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