Business5 Things to consider when buying shade sails

5 Things to consider when buying shade sails


While planning the outdoor setting, most homeowners consider the pool area, furniture units, play area, plants, lighting. However, one thing that often gets overlooked is shade sails. These are essential elements of outdoor space as they provide shade and protect you from the sun and downfall. Not just this, but they add value to your property and make it aesthetically pleasing like never before. With these fantastic shades, you can add a versatile and semi-permanent shaded area to your outdoors. 

If you are buying shares for the first time, you will get overwhelmed with the choices and make the wrong decision. Hence to nudge you in the right direction, here are a few essential factors that you need to keep in mind. Read on!

Purpose and Area

The first thing that you need to ask yourself is: Why do you want to install a Shade Sail? The answer to this will help you know the shape and size of shades you would need. Next, you need to determine how much area you want to cover. Suppose if you are planning to have a warm outdoor space for casual get-togethers or just want to create an outdoor space to enjoy the weather, different shades are available for both cases. Shades can be found in different shapes and sizes and can even be customised. Hence, knowing these things beforehand will help you make the right decision.

Colour and Pattern

After knowing the area and purpose, now it is time to select colour, pattern and fabric. Most homeowners prefer having monochrome shades to create a serene look that they had envisioned. However, if you want to add tonality to your space with vibrant colours, you have countless options to choose from. Not just this, you get a great selection of design and patterns as well, allowing you to create a haven that complements your existing surrounding.

Fabric Quality

The following important factor that will decide whether your renovating project is a success or not is the quality of shades. Will it provide you with the desired protection and ambience you were looking for? Will it be able to protect you from harmful UV rays, lightning, rain, dust? Ask these questions when selecting the fabric of your shades. Today some shades come with a UV protection shield, water-resistant and dust-resistant capabilities, and more. Purchasing a shade from any random store of any quality won’t solve your problem. So make your purchase diligently.


Installing a Shade is as important as buying one. There are two ways to go about it when it comes to installation: hire professionals to take care of your installation or choose a DIY kit. But it is not recommended to select DIY unless you have handled a DIY project earlier. In contrast, hiring a professional will let you rest assured that your installation is in the right hands.


Though shade sail installation will not cost you a fortune, it is advisable to get estimates before diving deep into the project. You can look for several options available to you in your area; you can talk to a few companies and request quotes. The cost of your project will majorly depend on the area and fabric you choose. Hence, make your choices wisely and try to get the best deal that keeps you and your pocket happy.

The last piece of advice for you is, make sure the shade sails you buy are durable and can sustain themselves in harsh weather conditions. Their colour should not fade in sunlight and rain; otherwise, they will start looking unpleasant, and you will have to think about remodelling again very soon.   

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