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5 Great Places You Can See for Free in Manila


Tourists around the globe have always been curious to find new places and discover the hidden gems in the world which are often neglected by many. It is all about the thrill and adventures they are dying to have while exploring new destinations. And, of course, what could be better than to find all these delights for free? 

The Philippines is a hidden gem and a perfect destination for those searching for a place to enjoy and spend a perfect holiday. The Philippines is located in Southeast Asia and is typically known for the stellar beaches it has, along with its rich history and lively culture. 

Its Capital city Manila is influenced by various cultures and is a focal point of many tourist attractions. Whether it is a complex history for the cultural geeks or an energetic nightlife. If you are searching for a unique cuisine to treat your tastebuds, Manila is the right place for it all! 

A gateway to the shopping haven, all those who are into shopping must pay a visit to this epic city as it has a number of shopping malls and a variety of local and international brands. From extravagant malls like Divisoria to the local bargain, light on-the-pocket markets like Greenhills. 

While shopping and roaming around the city, don’t forget to treat yourself to amazing content. We know the geo-restrictions of streaming platforms here, which barred the users from continuing their interest but not anymore, use streaming platforms like Hulu in Philippines with the help of a VPN, and make the most out of the adventure. 

Unveiling the Destinations in Manila that will Leave you in Awe

Manila has a wide range of tourist attractions, but many lesser-known places still need to be discovered by the people. You can visit several locations for free, so let’s hop a comfy ride for the journey through Manila that would not cost you an arm and a leg!

Rizal Park

Rizal Park is one of the largest public parks in Manila and very close to the heart of the people of the Philippines too. This splendid park is sprawled over 140 acres and is an urban oasis. This Park pays tribute to the national hero of the Philippines, Dr.Jose Rizal, who was executed at this place. 

This amazingly beautiful park provides the flee from the chaos of the bustling city with the beautiful and peaceful atmosphere with numerous statues of historical figures along with the serene musical fountain and the central lagoon. 

It also has an orchidarium. A perfect place to take a peaceful stroll around the scenic garden and fountains. The charm of the park increases by the evening as it has beautiful lights and musical evenings to entertain the audience and add a spark in the park.

National Museum of the Philippines

The Filipinos feel incredibly proud to showcase their rich culture and artsy side to the world. This is the reason why this world-class museum requires no fee to enter into the magic of it, letting the visitors to explore the vast collection of majestic artworks and antiques. 

Before emerging into the artsy world inside, remember to admire the neoclassical historic building from the outside, then step ahead and indulge yourself in witnessing the masterpieces of extraordinary artists like Guillermo Tolentino, Juan Luna, and Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo. 

Also, dont miss to check out the masterworks like Portrait of Lady, Rape, and Massacre in Emrita, and The Burning of Manila. This incredible museum is a must and is not dull like many other museums. Instead, you will be stunned by the creativity it holds.  


Step back as you move into the walled city of Intramuros, one of the ancient and magnificent places in Manila built by the Spanish colonial powers. Discover the magic in the cobblestone and neatly built streets and the spectacular architecture of the San Agustin Church. 

You can also roam around here to explore the beauty on your toes or ride in the traditional calesa, a horse-drawn carriage. Explore the lesser-known places like Bahar Tsinoy, which reflects the Chinese-Fillipino community. 

Bonifacio Global City

To explore the modern side of Manila, simply head over to the Bonifacio Global City, which was once a military base but has now converted into a proper neighborhood—a hub of shopping and entertainment which generally most tourist seeks for. 

The energetic community is famous for its fascinating art, amusing parks, and vibrant events. If you wander around the streets of it, there is a high chance of you catching up on a live music event or playful dance performances with beautiful artwork around. 

This global city is also a place to treat yourself to divine cuisine. The food events and markets here offer a wide variety of culinary pleasures.

Manila Baywalk

When you are visiting this amazing city, dont miss the chance to visit the dreamy sunset at the manila baywalk, which stretches 2km along the shore. From here, you can enjoy the picturesque view of skyscrapers. 

At the Manila yacht club, you can also have an excellent relaxing time sitting at the cafes and restaurants, along with the perks of enjoying the live music. So end your day with a stellar view of the sunset at Manila Baywalk.

Wrapping Up

Have a wonderful time in this amazing city with much to offer for people with different tastes. So if you are tight on budget, visit these places and make your holiday wonderful without paying a hefty amount.

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