Business4 reasons why you should go with a CIS...

4 reasons why you should go with a CIS plan


Many companies are debating whether they should enroll in a corporate individual scheme (CIS) for their employees or not. These are plans which entitle their employees to special discounts when they go with a specific carrier. Even in companies that offer a CIS plan to their employees, employees often debate whether these plans are useful or not.

Today, we will highlight the advantages of the CIS plan so that companies and employees can realize the true potential of such plans.

Higher discounts:

The main advantage of such a plan is, of course, the greater discount. Whether you look at the price of the handsets or the price of the value-added services, you will realize that the discount not available to the regular customer is available to people enrolled in this plan. That is why; employees can save a lot of money by opting for such a plan.

The discounts increase even further when you opt for a monthly subscription. That is because the carriers often provide a higher discount percentage if you consistently subscribe to a plan under this scheme.

Exclusive deals:

Many carriers provide value-added services for free or at a much-discounted rate when you’re a member of the CIS plan. It means that the services, for which you would have paid otherwise, will be available to you for free in many cases when you’re enrolled in such a plan.

Better customer support:

Every telecom carrier is looking for such companies that enroll their employees in the CIS plan. That is why they provide better customer support if you’re enrolled in such a plan.

No longer will you have to wait for hours to get help. You will get prompt customer support. Any issues which you will face will be sorted pretty quickly as well.

This alone is the reason why you should go with the CIS plan.

Sim only plans available:

We understand that you might not need a new handset every time you search for a carrier or a plan. The good news is that with the help of the CIS plan, you need not do so.

The reason for the same is because, in the CIS plan, you have Sim-only plans available. It means that if you just want to save money on the carrier and not buy a new handset, it is certainly a possibility.

Of course, if you need a new handset, there are discounts available on handsets, but it is not compulsory to always opt for a new handset when going with the CIS.

Such plans are incredibly flexible as well. It means that if you want to discontinue your subscription in the future, you can certainly do so.

The discounted pricing of the plan coupled with the flexibility ensures that such a plan is extremely beneficial for you.

Not only that, among the Sim-only plans as well, there are numerous plans. It means that you will be able to choose the plan according to your data and talk-time usage. Couple that with the discount you get; it is easy to understand why such a plan is a lucrative proposition.

So, if up until now you have been dragging your feet on the CIS plan, now you know why these plans are highly beneficial for you. Rather than ignoring them, now is the time to opt for them so that you can save money and get exclusive deals as well.

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