Fashion10 Streetwear Items That Always Sell Well

10 Streetwear Items That Always Sell Well


If you are a fashion designer or retailer, you already know that streetwear is a confusing and complex clothing trend. The definition of streetwear trends comes from those who wear the garments instead of those who create them. As a result, it is so hard to clearly define what streetwear is, and should you be lucky enough to pin it down, that will change rapidly to meet the demands of the public. Here is a list of ten items of streetwear guaranteed to sell and must-haves in your store inventory.

1 – Hats

Although hats are more of an accessory, they add the punctuation needed to tie together a complete streetwear look. Plus, the wearer can choose hats that permit self-expression. The choices range from baseball hats to beanies, and buckets provide a perfect forum for wearing designer logos without jeopardizing a complete wardrobe.

2 – Logo T-Shirts

Logistic t-shirts launched streetwear. Branding of all kinds dates back to the early days of skateboarders looking for a niche to make them stand out. What makes logo tees interesting is that they can have just about any logo on them to be acceptable. A sub-trend of logo tees has retro graphics on them. These include defunct brands or brands that were part of pop culture television and movie shows/films. It worked so well that logo tees became the standard for all streetwear brands. 

3 – Sneakers

Sneakers are a streetwear foundation. You can’t talk about one without the other. Plus, it is big business. Industry leaders estimate the global athletic footwear market will reach $94.15 billion in 2025. According to a Streetwear Impact Report published by Hypebeast, sneakers are the top-selling item at most luxury streetwear brands. What has changed the sneaker world lately is limited edition collaborations that have turned footwear into fashionwear.

4 – Hoodies

As far as streetwear sweatshirts are concerned, hoodies rule the hood. Plus, with brands like Bella + Canvas introducing variations on a theme with crewnecks and zip-ups, hoodies are the language that streetwear speaks fluently. So critical choices for your store inventory should be hoodies that feature designer and sports team logos, and you can’t go wrong with an assortment of a concert tour and music-related styles.

5 – Cargo Pants

Cargo pants get the streetwear nod simply because they are practical and stylish. Cargo pants have also outlasted any other style that features large pockets. Another reason to keep cargo pants in your retail outlet is that they are versatile, crossing gender and age barriers like denim. Top color choices include black, camo, and the popular army green.

6 – Sports Jerseys

The easiest way to blend fashion and sports is through sports jerseys. Fashion designers have been using sporting activities and the uniforms that come from that world as the template for many sports-inspired styles. The origins can be traced back to 1984 and the introduction of branded sports footwear. Streetwear developed from the skate, surf, football, and basketball cultures. 

It only makes sense that sports jerseys would play a massive role in this. All you have to do is look at your favorite sports team. Professional teams need to feature an alternative or third jersey in their wardrobe. Typically this jersey is more art-inspired than their standard playing jerseys, but they get worn. As for stocking such items, they are best worn oversized.

7 – Sweaters

The answer is simple if you have ever wondered what makes streetwear so popular. It is a fashion style that offers marketable products to men and women. Streetwear was originally a form of menswear, but over time, it became apparent that most streetwear happens to be gender-neutral. Therefore, you see both men and women wearing the same items. Sweaters are a fine example of this common thread. Expect to see colorful graphic sweaters as the barometer as they attract both genders and span various age demographics. 

8 – Tracksuits/Sweatsuits

The primary purpose of tracksuits and sweatsuits was athletic wear, but they have since slid into that zone known as athleisure. It dates back to the 1980s and 90s when high-end fashion designers took sweatsuits and converted them into luxury streetwear. They continue to bridge the gap from leisure to luxury.

9 – Denim Jackets

This fashion staple has crossed all genders, ages, and style barriers and has done so for many, many decades. How denim jackets fit in as streetwear is how they are worn. Typically, you would wear them layered over either a sweatshirt or t-shirt. The top choices to consider adding to your inventory include oversize jackets, styles that highlight vintage inspiration, and the ever-popular distressed style.

10 – Sweatpants

Sweatpants used to be for lounging at home when you didn’t feel like getting dressed for the day. When sweats entered the streetwear arena, they morphed into the luxury territory and transitioned to outdoors rather than indoors. You can give the pandemic some credit for forcing sweatpants outside, but the trend still rests on streetwear retailers who have made them something you can wear anywhere and get away with.

Final Thoughts

Are you thinking of launching your own brand? Have a startup clothing retail store? You can be successful with either if you incorporate streetwear within your inventory. It is not the most straightforward style to nail down precisely, but many different clothing items have become streetwear and continue to trend in that direction. The list above can provide you with some guidance. If you focus on the ten foundational things on this list, you should be able to keep up with most streetwear trends as they switch and move around. Although it may be a challenging niche, it will be profitable for many years.

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