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10 Bathtub and Home Interior Designs That Will Wow You


The bathroom is one of the most frequented rooms in a home. We use it for our skincare routine, brushing teeth, and other hygiene-related tasks. Thus, we must ensure that our bathrooms look great by implementing some interior designs to turn them into serene oases.

But then, knowing the steps to take to ensure bathrooms look great can be tricky. One of the surefire ways to transform your bathroom space is by working around your bathtub. This article will take an in-depth look at what you can do with your bathtub to wows you and your guests.

Let’s get started with it.

Bathtub Interior Design Ideas That Will Wow You

  1. Add a Flat Surface

One design idea you must implement is adding a flat surface to your bathroom. Many people do not think adding such surfaces to bathrooms, especially luxurious ones, is a good idea. But then, bathrooms, besides being luxurious, also need to be practical to look more elegant.

There are bathtub designs that can help you achieve such a design. For instance, you can buy a drop-in bathtub and have an expert work with it to bring out the desired design. You can use the flat surface around the bathtub for placing beverages, your phone, and other items.

  1. Make Your Bathtub Like A Spa

Sometimes you feel like relaxing and de-stressing. The spa is the best place to visit when you feel that way. However, it can be expensive, making it an excellent idea to make your spa at home. You can do this by investing in one of the best freestanding tubs on the market.

One reason to consider freestanding tubs is that they are bigger than standard tubs. Freestanding tubs are also flexible which makes them easier to use. You can move them from one point to another easily. Also, you can also choose from a plethora of materials.

Besides, have all the spa essentials that will turn it into a spa. For instance, all oil essentials and good lighting that will help set the mood in your bathroom. Pendant lighting will help create the desired mood in your bathroom. You can also throw in some bath bombs for increased comfort.

  1. Install Your Tub Near a Window

Windows allow natural light into rooms which contributes immensely to decor. But then, windows offer a lot more, especially for bathrooms. A bathtub with a great outside view can feel more relaxing. It also will look beautiful and give your home a touch of class.

Thus, it would be best to consider having your freestanding tub next to the window. This can work for both bathrooms with small and big windows. All you need to do is have someone who knows a thing or two about interior design to help you choose a perfect place and install the bathtub.

  1. Take A Minimalistic Approach

Minimalism is another design trick that will work well in any bathroom. It is one of the styles that please the eye, and you cannot go wrong with it when designing the interior of your bathroom. It is better to start with your bathtub with a minimalist approach.

The good thing about a minimalist bathroom is that it looks straightforward. Minimal detail means that the space won’t look overcrowded and chaotic. Small bathrooms with freestanding tubs in apartments take this approach; some look better than big, spacious ones.

  1. Embrace the Great Outdoor View

Sometimes you might not have your bathtub next to a window. If your designer doesn’t find it fits there, they might recommend that you install it outdoors. You’ll need inspiration from photos of outdoor bathtubs on Pinterest to get the best idea of what to expect.

The reality is that having a bathtub outside will add to the ambiance you need in your home. It will, however, be good to create on the outside of one of the walls. You can have a glass wall around it to allow the sun inside. This will also ensure you interact with nature when using it.

  1. Lounge Away

It would help to consider creating a lounge look for your bathtub. You can install a bathtub and make a hang-out place beside it. This is where you can spend time before getting into the tub or after. You can even take breaks from the tub to relax on the seats.

A lounge will give you a great view of the outside. It will also make the whole place comfortable and look expensive while it’s not. All you need is a good-looking bench and a few seats.

  1. Buy A Scandinavian White Bathtub Design

Scandinavian aesthetics always win when it comes to bathtubs. If you are unsure about what to invest in, you should consider these bathtub designs. It comes with unique beauty, utility, and simplicity. The overall look of this design will undoubtedly spruce up your bathroom.

You need to choose the best color even after settling on this design. A white and gray set is one of the best to consider, and it will be worth making the dominant color. Ensure you also look at the tiling to match the color of your Scandinavian bathtub.

  1. Create Contrast

Not many people believe in high color contrasts. But the reality is that they are the best pick for anyone looking to create a beautiful home design. You can never go wrong with contrast if you choose the colors correctly. We have already mentioned matching your bathtub to the tiles.

However, there are also walls and other bathroom items that you must consider. It will look great to have a similar color for the walls, tiles, and ceilings. You can have contrast on small items by installing a black mirror or having black drawer cabinets.

  1. Marble Stone Beauty

Marble stone has been used for many years to add beauty to different places. You will find it in homes, shrines, and even bathhouses. One reason it is worth considering is because of its high durability. You won’t go wrong with marble stones in your bathroom space.

Marble material will add to the beauty of your bathroom space. If you have a white and gray bathtub, it will complement it, especially in color. A snow-white freestanding tub plus white tiles, walls, and ceilings look great with marble in the mix.

  1. Pack on the Plants

Plants always breathe some new life into indoor spaces. You cannot go wrong with having some next to your bathtub. Plants are great for bathrooms that don’t have expansive windows to allow enough natural light inside.

It is always vital to have some form of nature in the room. If there’s no light, then have some plants in the bathroom. You can also have both plants and natural light for a better look.


Interior designing for a home isn’t easy, nor is getting your bathroom to look exquisite. It takes a lot of effort and investment to get the desired results. You need to identify areas in your bathroom that, if appropriately designed, will give your bathroom space a new lease of life.

This article has explored the bathtub as one such area. You can make it a focal point in your bathroom using the ideas we’ve shared above. Freestanding tubs can be worth considering for transforming your space. Choose the best freestanding tubs from what’s available in the market.

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